Glimpse into my life was meant to be a representation of my personality. It was a infographics project on ten weeks of my life and the information I could gather on my habits and routine. It was a challenge to come up with graphs that are visually appealing and easy understandable.

infographics spreads


I wanted to create a very bright and colourful book because the information gathered on my life was not as interesting and entertaining. I wanted to have a graphic approach that can be interesting as a design spread and for the readers to enjoy the imagery provided. I knew I wanted my booklet to be fun and averages sized with multiple sizes of paper.

infographics spread


For my infographics booklet I decided to use large typography and vector graphics for my graphs. I used the actual objects of my subjects to create interesting visuals. I wanted the booklet to be playful and an interesting representation of my personality instead of a very ordered and serious. I also placed a flap for each spread with little details to compliment the other graphs. I used pastel colours and textured paper to make my booklet fun to interact and read.

infographic animation