Art in the Metro is a book on all the art pieces in Montreal's metro system. It is made to be used for tourists, art collectors, anyone curious about Montreal's history. The goal is to create a book that is easy to use and to gather information. The layout needs to be understandable and clean.

stm book coverstm yellow line spread
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In my research I realized that the information provided from the STM is quite interesting and needs to be structured in a minimal style. My approach for the STM book is to create a layout that can demonstrate every station properly, but not showing too much. It can be used as a manual for people that are planning to visit these stations as if it is a museum and I wanted the photographs to be a glimpse of what can be viewed in person.

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I designed a book that is 100 pages long and is 6 in by 9.5 in. It is bound with a spiral, so that it can be placed flat on any surface. The size is perfect for traveling without being too small. My design stays true to the colours of the Montreal's metro system and the photographs are placed in black and white with a small thumbnail of colour to display an interesting detail of each piece.

stm scan cover