No Limits was about designing a poster for the graduating graphic design class of 2019 at Dawson College. Designing a poster for an entire class is a big challenge because one design has to represent several students with different styles. Creating a poster for many graphic designers that are joining the job force should be about the future and the design world, it should be able to speak to other designers and be eye catching. 

no limits poster


I came up with the consept No Limits when I was working on another project and I was limiting myself to the creative part of designing. I was only working on the computer and it wasn’t allowing me to think outside of the box. That is when I realized when we design we should have no limits to how we create and why we design. When coming up with a design we should not be placing any limitations to how we create. The type needed to demonstrate that graphically.

no limits poster on wallno limits posters on wall


The final design of the poster was created using the Sharp Grotesk typeface which is very condensed and has a lot of length. I wanted the letters to be distributed vertically along the poster, but without an exact order. Some of the characters extend across the poster and some are cropped out. The characters create a dynamic movement and do not seem to follow a structured grid, but if looked properly everything is place strategically and is calculated.

no limits animation