I decided to take Borders Book shop and rebrand for the grand reopening. I changed the name to Oaks due to the history of the company and its downfall, a fresh and cosy name was needed to achieve a new start. 

Their goal is to become a shop that can help their customers with their many needs, but also being a book shop / coffee shop that people love spending hours in. Their branding had to be inviting and should represent the history of the shop itself. 

oak book coveroak book spread


With researching the company and its history it was evident that the name had to reflect the history of the town where the book shop all started. Ann Arbour was the town the first shop opened and they are known for their Burr Oak trees. Since Oaks sells old and used book I wanted to bring a vintage feeling and I also wanted to create a warm yet a sophistaicated look to Oaks book shop. This was a great opportunity to name the shop Oaks Book Shop.

application spread


I created a brand that everyone wants to approach. Oaks logo was influenced by the bark of an oak tree. Showing the rings of a tree represents age and time. The Border brothers have been in this business a long time which makes the pattern very relevant. Pairing the bark with a sophisticated serif typeface: Ogg was a perfect pairing in creating Oaks new brand. 

oaks logo