Rico Rico’s goal is to bring a bit of South American culture into the lives of North Americans by using cookies from three South American Countries - Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile. Alfajores are a cookie sandwich filled with sweet dulce de leche, each country has their own twist to the Alfajore. The packing should represent the delicious home made sweets and the warmth of the countries.

rico rico boxes


In my research I have found beautiful connections between pastries and the colorful lifestyles people in South America have. It was a perfect opportunity for me to turn the Rico Rico brand into an experience. I studied the countries the pastries originate from and brought components of the diverse culture into the brands identity by creating a tropical package. The packaging creates meaning, rhythm, and character.

uruguay market
Uruguayan Market— photographed by Marcela Laskoski

Brazil Houses — photographed by Augstin Diaz


I created a brand that was warm, inviting and of course Hispanic. The colors, textures, and visuals reflect the product itself by mimicking the ingredients(Dulce de leche and chocolate), but are also inspired by the gorgeous landscapes and bodies of water in these countries. The packing uses a textured paper that creates an authentic association to home made cookies that everyone wants to take a bite of. 

chile mountains
Chile, Torres Del Paine National Park— photographed by Hector Marquez

rico animation