My goal for designing a poster on climate change is to demonstrate the problem in a graphic and visual way. The message needed to be direct and shocking to the public. I wanted to create a poster that would stay away from cliches and I wanted it to portray a strong message.

climate change posterclimate change poster on wall


In my research I have found that many of the issues with climate change was from little actions we do everyday. Every action we do has an impact and we can no longer ignore these actions. Climate change has officially affected every country and it is time to start changing. My approach is to demonstrate how are actions are catching up to us everyday.

no limits in metro


I designed a poster that can catch your eye from any distance. I used typography to represent a domino effect. The letters demonstrate our actions and how climate changes consequences are becoming our present and is no longer something in the future. I used the quote "Emissions anywhere effect people everywhere" because even if we don't feel the direct consequences of our actions someone else is in some way or another.